The Ten that Won’t Bend

Part of the
Mosaic Law

This topic sort of ties in with that “resting” thing, but it also ties in with the “forgiveness” thing. You see… along the same time that this friend and I were talking… he’d also made mention of the fact that we were no longer under the law. I agreed. No more of this sacrificial stuff… Day of Atonement… Wheat offering, wave offering… all those other offerings that the Old Testament spoke of. We could now go to church on Saturday OR Sunday, as well as eat pork chops and seafood. No more of those laws for us!

However, we do still pay tithes, and we follow the ten commandments” I reminded him. (again, isn’t that what “good” Christians do??)

“God didn’t divide the Law up into parts–man did that,” this person started.

“No where does it say that we have permission to steal, kill, lust, lie, etc!” I countered.

“No, but we don’t live under the Law anymore. If we die to one part (sacrificial stuff) we die to it all. It’s an all or none deal. No compromises.” He was firm on that point.

(Oh WHY was this an online thing?!?! I would have felt much more satisfaction if he were face to face! And my monitor wouldn’t get near the beating it got–isn’t it great that God works in mysterious ways?!?! ;-))

Boy–I was livid.. “Oh.. so I guess I can just go sin up a storm and it be okay?!?!?! After all, we’re under Grace now! Not the Law!!” (thankfully, my husband and kids weren’t home a lot during this time–work and school. I spent a good bit of my time yelling at the monitor at this fella. Wouldn’t admit to yelling though–after all, “good christians” don’t yell and scream and get all mad when things don’t go their way.)

“Do you think that Christ who lives in side of you would lead you to do that?” my friend asked.

“Well of Course not!! He would lead us to not kill, not steal, not commit adultery, not lie.. etc” (oh this fella’s going all weird on me for sure–good thing this is an online conversation)

“So there you have it” he ended.

There I have WHAT?!?! I did NOT get it.. do we use the Ten Commandments as a guideline or not?? In one instance, this guy is saying “no law”, and in the next minute, he agrees with me that Christ would lead us to do the ‘thou shalt not’s”..I don’t get it! Something was mentioned about the I Corinthians 13, the famous “love is..” chapter. Hmmmm… let me think on this a bit.

WOW! The proverbial light-bulb finally went off. What I Corinthians 13 is saying is to be led by Christ.. motivated by LOVE, not fear, and not in hopes of earning brownie points with God. For instance.. if I loved my neighbor.. not only would I ‘not’ covet their stuff, but I would rejoice with them for having the stuff. If I loved my neighbor.. I wouldn’t want to lie to them or about them, because that’s not what love does. So.. in other words.. being led by the spirit isn’t CONTRARY to the “ten that don’t bend”.. but it goes much further than “Don’t do”.. rather.. it goes to the “love your neighbor as yourself”. Just because I don’t lie doesn’t mean I love them. It could be that I’m afraid of being zapped if I lie.. or that I’ll lose ‘brownie points’ if I don’t ‘live right.. Man! Just because I don’t speed in my car doesn’t mean I ‘love’ the policemen. It may mean I just don’t want a traffic ticket. This makes so much more sense now!! (Actually, this was what the Apostle Paul was driving home in Romans as well, as I was to find out later)

This sure was a lot to digest. However, it was making more sense every day that I jumped into God’s word and saw it through GOD’S eyes, instead of my religious persuasion. This chatter fella wasn’t through yet, though. You see, God doesn’t simply bring us to Salvation simply for salvation’s sake. There’s a whole world of brothers and sisters to meet and love, and to grow with. There’s a whole world of unbelievers to share this amazing love of God’s with. If you’d like to meet some of my brothers and sisters..keep reading..


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