Conclusion–Sort of…

I’d like to leave you with this bit of encouragement if I may—Don’t worry. If you have struggled to find out what God’s word is really all about… if you’ve wondered if you’ve got it right–no need to fret.

You see, God knows who is ready to hear the Gospel. He knows who’s ready to receive it. Even when we don’t. Throughout this entire ordeal, I never realized it was me who needed to hear it. After all, I was sure I was close to being nominated Ms. Christian of the Year! But… and I have to smile… God knew better. He knew just what means to use, just which person to send, and all the other details He had worked out.  Now.. doesn’t it stand to reason, that if He did it for me, He can do it for you?

What about your loved ones that you’ve witnessed to time and time again, only to be met with blank stares at best, or hostile rejection at worst? Won’t God know when they, too, are ready to hear? Won’t He make sure that nothing stops the Gospel message from being delivered straight to their hearts? Don’t sweat the results… that’s God’s territory. You, my friend, have that wonderful privilege to be resting in His Love. Be sure.. if God chooses to use you as His vessel.. He’ll work the details out…

Be blessed!

Well, it was sort of the conclusion–since then… more has happened. Care to read?

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