Alone, But Not Forsaken (?)

Welcome to
Metro Bible Fellowship!

Little did I know, that God was cooking up something for my life.  A few years later, when I felt totally alone, but convinced that God’s gospel was it, I was going to totally pull the plug on online communication. It served nothing except a reminder of the heartaches–contributed to SEVERAL online communications going sour. I needed that no longer.  I would uninstall every messenger, shut down every web-based email, and just not reach out any longer. If God was convinced that I needed to just stay holed up in my little corner of the earth, then so be it. I’ve had it.

Of course, God has His own agenda, and didn’t need my permission, or my opinion to carry it out.

The VERY day I had every intention of uninstalling my Instant Messenger programs, I get an email from a (now) very dear brother in California. At that time, I didn’t know him, didn’t care to know anybody new (why bother? It’d just bite the dust like all the rest). But, I thought I would do the ‘Christian” thing and email him back. Come to find out, this guy talks to everyone on anything that’s located anywhere!! He amazed me. We knew we were on the same musician’s mailing list, but had never contacted each other. He also used the same instant messenger I did, and suggested we IM one day.

Great. NOW? The very day I was going to pull the plug, God sends this dear brother to me. So, since we both listened to Metro Bible Fellowship on Sunday mornings, might as well listen together. Why not? To date, we’re still very good friends, although we don’t hear from each other, due to our schedules.

However, it didn’t end there. He told a couple of friends, who told two friends, who told two friends, and so on, and so on..until today, not only do we have a huge circle of like-minded friends, but we all ‘attend’ church together! The program we listen to, has since added a videolive stream complete with a chat room and slides to follow along with the preacher.

Silly me. God knew the whole time what was needed for whom, and He knew exactly when to get it done.


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