About This Blog

Come to Me
I will give you Rest

So, obviously, I wasn’t always in the New Covenant Doctrine. As long as I can remember, I’ve always believed that God existed. Just exactly who God was, wasn’t really taught with consistency. In fact, I don’t know who it was that taught me about God as a child. I just know that I had characteristics of God all over the place.

  • *God loved me.
  • *God was upset when I did bad things.
  • *God was going to show all my sins on that big film projector in the sky (EVERYONE would see!)
  • *Jesus was born at Christmas.
  • *Jesus died at Easter (Never knew about the resurrection until later–sad).

Then, as I got older:

  • *Once saved always saved.
  • *Once saved not always saved.
  • *Need to be baptized.
  • *Baptism doesn’t matter.

Yep, it was safe to say that although God existed, I didn’t know the first thing about him.

This blog is my journey from legalism into that life giving grace of God Himself. The rest that Jesus promised really does exist. He is faithful, even when I’m not.

So, get comfy, and have a read.
Thanks for stopping by!


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