A BOOK!?!?!

Classic Christianity
by Bob George

I’d like for you to do me a favor...” my chatter friend starts one day..

Sure, what’s that?” I asked (I’m still overwhelmed at all Grace stuff to argue)

I’d like for you to go purchase a book–it’s an easy read, it’s probably around $10, or so..it’s called Classic Christianity, and it’s written by a man named Bob George.” 

Well, humph! So that’s what this whole thing was about? He’s just out to sell books! I wondered how much of a commission he got for every book he sold. But, none the less, I WAS grateful for the talks we had… the Grace message was still brand new to me, and quite frankly,  I was still in awe of God’s love–from God’s perspective, instead of mine. 

“umm… well, okay…. what’s the name of the book again?” I thought I’d humor the guy, and even write the information down. However, the nearest Christian book store was 75 miles away!! But… I tried to convince myself, that the “next time I was that way” I’d pick it up and read through it. I felt I owed the guy that much. Of course, deep down, I knew darn good and well I had no intention of remembering to pick up that book.

“Good! We’ll talk about it when I get back from work Monday” my friend replies.

Yikes!!! He’d meant for me to go out right now and purchase the book?!?! He KNEW I lived in Swampsville USA!! I faltered, and tried to find a graceful way to weasel out of my commitment, but, finding none, I agreed I’d go get the book.

The next morning, Saturday, true to my word (and because I couldn’t find an excuse not to go–I TOLD him I’d do it.. and well, being the “Good little Christian” I was.. I had to carry out my promise) I bundled up my preschooler and adolescent and drove to the bookstore. All the while I have convinced myself that I have just totally lost my mind! Wasting precious fuel to spend what little bit of precious $$ I had…. to purchase a book on the recommendation of a CHATTER?!?!! I was flabbergasted for the entire trip! This book had better be worth it, because… Christian or not.. if I wasted my Saturday… he was going to hear about it!!!

So, here I am….night fall, my kids were asleep, and it was just me… alone with that book. I reluctantly picked it up, still fuming a bit because of how I felt I’d been tricked into spending my day on the open roads. (Of course, I hadn’t been, but I had to blame it on SOMETHING). Boy… this book had better be worth it…was it?

Well, friend… after the first couple of pages, I was hooked. This Bob George person could have basically been writing about ME! The book opens up with Bob George totally depressed to the point of tears, because, he was totally 200% active in his churchianity, totally sincere, and totally without joy. He never said “no” to any of his church leaders when they’d say, “Bob? Would you mind heading up_________?” (Boy.. been there done that!) He had started out being totally enthusiastic about anything he did, out of sheer appreciation for God loving him… (yep… I can sympathize..) Yet… here he sat.. at a stoplight.. with tears of frustration streaming down his face, not knowing what was wrong… (Yep! I’m there with ya bro!!)

Hmmm… I wonder what’s going to happen? How did Bob handle his situation?? Keep Reading…


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